Margie Robertson


Margie watched a movie called “8 Below” one cold January weekend and for the first time in her life made the decision to get a dog. Not having any experience or any notion of what it meant to have a dog, Bear became part of the family. Shortly thereafter, Buddy joined the family. Dogs didn’t just exist in Margie’s life they WERE her life. Had she known what happiness and fulfillment having a dog meant, she wouldn’t have waited so long. After a successful 15 years of being a Promotional Sales Executive, Margie wanted to give something back to Bear and Buddy who brought her so much joy and companionship.   Margie began fostering for A Dog’s Dream Rescue out of Oakville Ontario in 2011.

Margie continues to foster and as of today has found homes for 42 wonderful dogs that would have otherwise been put down through no fault of their own. “Fostering is one of the most rewarding and joyous things I have ever done. Each foster has been very special to me and for each one I cried tears of sadness at knowing how much I would miss them and tears of happiness that they found a new forever home.” One of Margie’s fosters was so special that she adopted him herself and Rex joined the fold. 3 dogs of her own and 1 foster makes for a happy household on any given day.

Margie had never been involved directly in a charitable organization until Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. When Cindy Cherry asked Margie to be a part of the Board of Directors, there was no hesitation at all joining a Foundation that is so close to her heart.

“It is such a privilege to be a part of this Foundation. Whatever part I can play in helping to save pets that have been neglected and discarded will be an honour. ‘Rescue’ should be everyone’s favourite breed”.