How to Get Funding

Our criteria:

Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation provides financial assistance to pet rescue organizations and education of the public on animal welfare.

Funding will be available upon request for qualified donees and Canadian registered charities that meet our charitable objects and mission statement. The Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation establishes consistent guidelines for the kinds of work we can support with funds.

***** Please note that the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation’s application request is currently pending with the Canada Revenue Agency. Further details will be available when approval has been received and our Charitable Registration Number is provided. *****

Requests are accepted for Canadian registered charities only.
Requests will NOT be accepted from individuals.
Funds are not provided for any political activities or political purposes.
Requests are not accepted for scholarships.

All applications for request to fund funds must follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1 – Letter of intent

A letter of intent must be submitted for approval to move to the application stage at the request of the Foundation. Please click here for the letter of intent format. Details needed include:

Organization name, contact name and contact details
Charitable registration number
Regional scope – where will your work take place in Canada
Mission and brief background about your work
Funding Request Background and amount being requested
Statement of accounts (this is the same information that is publicly available on your listing at the Canada Revenue Agency charities website)

Click here to fill out form

Deadline: Funding will be provided twice a year and will be announced here when available

Step 2 – Applications

After careful review of your letter of intent, those invited to the next stage of submitting a detailed application will be contacted. Only those who receive this invitation will be eligible. This application requires more details and allows you to provide more information about your work and project needs.

All applications and decisions to make grants are the responsibility of the Board of the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. Funds are dispersed solely at their discretion within the Foundation’s charitable objects and Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines.

Further details to be announced.

If you have any questions or comments please email