How involved is Don Cherry regarding the Foundation?

As the Founder of the Foundation, Don is very involved.  From picking out the rescue dogs’ pictures  that are on the front of the Simply Pets Treats’  packaging, to his input into the design of the logo., he has a say in it all.  He assists in designing the merchandise and has to approve any and all  marketing material using his image. He has even made sure that his dogs like the treats; it’s all Cherry approved.  But of course, his biggest contribution is the fact that he donates all his share of proceeds from the sale of all Simply Pets Products to the Foundation.

Is the Foundation a good way to get in touch with Don Cherry?

No.  The email address  used by the Foundation in no way will get you in touch with him.

Does this charity get government funding?

This organization is strictly run on funds raised by the sale of Simply Pet Products,  our fundraising efforts, and public donations.

Why is this organization so strict regarding the public, raising funds and donating it back to the charity?

This is what you call 3rd party events.  There is much misinformation and assumptions out there regarding tax receipts, gambling licences, misrepresentation, etc on what is correct policies governed by the Canada Revenue Association.  We have tried cover all our basis in eliminating these variables.  Also, with being associated with a celebrity, we have to be extra cautious due to the media attention and what perception is out there.

Does this charity have a pet shelter facility or do any animal rescue?

No, we do not.  Our main goal is to assist the dedicated people out there that make it their mission in life to assist animals in need. Another goal is to educate people in the plight of homeless and abused animals across Canada.  We do however, have Board Members, that do rescue and fostering, they keep us on track and make sure we do not as an organization, lose track of the big picture concerning the plight of homeless pets.

Does this organization have any paid staff?

At the time of this writing, no we do not.  We are 100% volunteer run.