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Thank you so much for your interest in the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation.

I felt that I had to personally address the issue of 3rd party events, due to my past fundraising experiences.

I recently attended an event in a mall parking lot put on by vintage car enthusiasts. Everyone was great and $300 was raised from a 50/50 draw for the charity. I found out much later that they did not have a license or permit to put on the event. Did you know that you need one? Well you do, its the law.  Otherwise,the charity could be in danger of losing its charitable status.

When you raise money in the name of a charity , you need to know what you are doing , so lets do it right, lets do it together. We have included a link that may help in addressing some of these issues:

Please take the time to fill in our questionnaire. We need to work together to ensure that all laws for the charity and fundraising are covered.



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