The Advantages of Fostering

What does fostering mean?

When you foster a pet, you agree to temporarily take a neglected, homeless animal into your home and give them affection, care and unconditional love until the pet is adopted. Most of these pets lack trust. Fostering is so important as it reintroduces the element of trust and love back into the animal’s life.

Why do rescue groups need foster homes?

There are many reasons a pet would thrive in foster care. Fosters teach pets the basics of “house manners”. They are not there to teach the animal “tricks” but to allow a pet to understand what it means to be inside a home, to be respectful of the home, its contents and basic house training. Fosters will assess personality, character traits and work on any challenges in order to educate and prepare any potential adopting families to ensure a perfect union. Fosters sometimes are asked by the rescues to do home visits prior to adoption. Fosters know the animal better than anyone and will ensure a potential home is safe, happy and perfect for the animal.

Why should I foster a dog?

Fostering a pet is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will have. By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you’re removing that pet from a restrictive environment and allowing them to thrive. You will potentially free up a spot at the shelter/rescue to bring in another pet. You will give the pet the time they need to settle down, learn to love and trust and be ready for adoption. You will potentially save a life if the shelter needs the room and could potentially euthanize the animal to make space.

What you need to become a foster:

Reputable organizations will require a full application to be filled in. References and vet checks will be done to ensure a pet will receive the best possible foster care. The rest is basic…food, water, shelter, exercise, love, attention, patience and comfort. Contact your local rescue group/shelter and become a foster to an animal that desperately needs you!