What is a Puppy Mill?

Here at Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, we feel that educating the public is one way to assist in the prevention of cruelty to potential pets. Many well intentioned people, who truly love animals, have no idea what they are supporting when they buy that cute little puppy in the window.

My goodness, they even make nursery rhymes out of such innocent scenarios.

Just remember when smart people let their heart rule their head, not only do they pay the price, but unfortunately so does the animal. We would like to explain to you what a puppy mill is and why indirectly you may be supporting such a lucrative industry.

A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding facility that operates with an emphasis on profits over the welfare and well being of the dogs being bred.

Sadly, substandard, neglectful, and cruel conditions are the norm in these breeding facilities.

These dogs are kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate vet care, food and water and no socialization. They are warehoused in stacked wire cages to minimize waste cleanup and spend their entire lives in these cages that injure their paws and legs, never seeing the light of day.

By about the age of 5 the breeder dog is no longer needed so they are killed never knowing the love and kindness of living in a home. The lucky ones are rescued and they can take a year or more to relax and accept the loving touch of a human.

When you see cute little puppies in a retail store, chances are they come from such a facility.  The mothers of these adorable pups are usually malnourished and are bred every heat cycle and fed the bare minimum to keep them alive. As you have to realize this is a high stakes business, so keeping their costs down only makes good business sense and is done at the expense and well being of their breeder dogs. Puppies bred in these mills can often develop behavioral problems from lack of socialization and being taken from their moms too early.

Impulse buying no matter what you are purchasing, a car or pet, is usually not good. So when your heart strings are tugged by that cute little doggie in the window, think what kind of an industry your are supporting. Sure it’s tough to leave that cute little bundle of joy in the store, but be strong, do the right thing, “Adopt, don’t shop”.